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Protected Folder 1

Protected folder is a simple, effective way to sensitive documents from prying eyes in a computer folder steek.Beskermde your way you can include files and folders so that they are not only accessible to other users, but also did not look happy any other Windows application. Plus the program is very easy to use: just drag and drop folders and files you want to protect the interface, or select the option from the context sesuaikieslys.Ander user configuration options includingSandi kakayahanomblok read and / or write access, so that the protected file can not be read, copied, moved, deleted or modified. Exclude list you can filter the files that you want to protect. Apart from this, the program includes a variety instellings.Beskermde Folder simple, effective and does what it says on the tin. Users expect lebihaplikasi complex security may have to look elders.Met Protected folder you can easily protect documentsYour personal ibamata.

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